Friday, April 30, 2010

Adoption Day 2010

This year for adoption day, Rubie decided that she wanted to go to Disneyland (again....surprise). We had a rough start. Rubie decided that she didn't want to go on any ride except for the carousel.

um...seriously, we just paid over 200 bucks to go to Disneyland, and she wasn't going to go on any rides! (mom, I know what you are thinking....payback - I was afraid of rides as a child).

Then, I think a bird peed on my head (I'm only assuming that birds pee, I really don't know if they do). There was nothing above me, and I felt something drip on my head, it had to be bird pee. That was fun.

I really thought we would be home by 2. However, after lunch, she got a second wind and wanted to go on actual rides! She even wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean (even after I told her there was a scary part!). And, she liked it so much, we went on it twice.

It ended up being a wonderful day in which we celebrated something amazing. Rubie, you have been with us for almost 4 years now, and I still feel lucky every day (even when birds pee on my head)...


Franny said...

I'm glad she finally went on the rides. Sorry about the pee on your head!

Kelli said...

I truly believe that adoption is proof that God has a REALLY good sense of humor because so many parents get a child who is JUST like them. Rubie couldn't be any more like you two. She is your daughter in every way. (and it serves you right!). Happy Adoption Day Navarro Family! We love you guys.

Lakie said...

Happy Adoption Day! I am so glad there is blogging because Rubie is going to love these very descriptive and vivid memories when she grows up. Beautiful.