Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roller Skates

Rubie got her first pair of over the shoes - roller skates. She was so excited! It was pretty bad at first - I hadn't seen anything like that since watching uncle Russ roller skate. But lucky for him, Rubie got better, so he keeps his title as The Worst Roller Skater in the World (seriously, I have never seen a grown man so uncoordinated). heh.

When I showed Rubie these pictures, I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "Skating with roller coasters."


Jennifer said...

I love that she's a skater.

Jenna said...

She looks so happy...precious!

Nava Family Adventures said...

Way to go Rubie! Yes, Russ is very proud of his title. Thanks for letting him keep it. That and the title of being the only person on the planet that can't whistle... :o