Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update on Progress

Potty training: Rubie hasn't had any more accidents! I knew she was ready, but had to wait for all of our trips to be over (couldn't go into all of those public restrooms).

Potty Awareness: "Frenchie puts she's pee pee in the grass."

Sharing: Not as good of a report. I said, "Here are your My Little Pony panties," and she said, "No, MINE." She thought I was trying to take her little ponies, and trying to explain that they are called MY Little Ponies, is impossible.

Grammar: She is still struggling with pronouns, ex: "Him pulled him's tail," and "She wants she's bone."


Jennifer said...

Yay for being potty trained like a big girl! That's great! Quit trying to take her little ponies!

Jenilee said...

WOW! What a lil smarty!!! Im just starting to try the potty training with Rory and it isn't working so well :( Rory still doesnt talk in sentences, she is just learning words :p

Anonymous said...

Him pulled hims tail? And you got a problem with that? It's called communication, and I understood perfectly what she was communicating. Lighten up mommy!!!! Luv you.