Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rubie Funnies

Today, Rubie went into my closet and took out my biggest pair of high heels and said, "These are Uncle Scotts." Scott, I never knew.

When she saw that it was drizzling outside, she said, "Mama, its dripping."

Here is a picture of her first thing in the morning (nice bed head), with all of her Seuss animals in the stroller...


Jennifer said...

I love her first thing in the morning picture! Although I suppose I wouldn't appreciate how cute she is when it's only 5:00 am. Eh, I probably would. heh

Sandy said...

Jennifer gave my your blog address, I love it! Great to be able to see Rubie she is cute. And she has hair just like I had at her age LOL and no I am not kidding :-)
Your doggie Frankie could be the littermate to my dog Tina. Post more I love seeing the pictures :-)