Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Rubie is obsessed with gum. We told her a long time ago that she could chew gum when she was 4, thinking she wouldn't remember it. Well, we were wrong. Rediculously wrong. Now, this is the speech that I hear on a daily basis -

"WhenIamfour,Iamgonnachewgum.I'mgonnachewpinkgumandyellowgum.Iamnotgoingtoswallowit.Iamnotgonnaspititoutontheground,Iwillspititinthetrashcan.Icannotchewitatschool,butIcanchewitatthemall." The end.

Let's not forget that Rubie has chewed gum, once. She was 2. She found cousin Catie's ABC gum, and when I asked her what she was chewing, she said, "playdough."

I guess birthday presents are gonna be cheap this year - I'm wrapping up some gum.

Here is a picture of Ramon reading a book to Rubie. I have no idea what she is doing, though, she sometimes does this when her nose is running. Yeah, that would be funny - IF.I.WERE.JOKING. yep.

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Christi said...

Landon wants to chew gum he sneaks it out of my purse, unwraps it takes a teeny little bite and either gives the rest of the now dirty stick to me or tries to stick it somewhere it shouldn't be (ie the coin slot of a candy machine, the dollar bill slot of the lottery ticket machine, etc).

Have fun buying lots of gum!