Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Lately, many of my facebook status' have been about Rubie. I wanted to copy them here so that I will remember them. They show a lot about who Rubie is at the age of 4 1/2 and I don't want to forget them....

Why yes, that is a Chino police badge tattoo on her arm. After 10 good days at school, this is what she chose out of the treasure box. Let's not bring up the fact that it took a month to get to 10 good days.

Rubie- "I colored on my face with marker because I don't want to be light brown, I want to be dark brown."
Mommy- "So, no star today, huh?"
Rubie- "nope."

Rubie: I was playing on the carpet again.
mommy: So, what happened?
Rubie: I didn't get to do my job.
mommy: What was your job?
Rubie: door monitor.
mommy: bummer. I thought you were gonna try harder today.
Rubie: mmmmmmm maybe next week.
mommy: so, I guess we aren't holding out much hope for tomorrow.

Rubie: I had a rough day today.
mommy: What happened?
Rubie: I was playing around on the carpet.
mommy: and then what happened?
Rubie: I didn't get no star.
mommy: And, apparently you missed that great lesson about double negatives. Did you get a note?
Rubie: I didn't get no note.
mommy: great.

Dear woman at ralphs (who was MAYBE 50), I am so happy that my daughter said hello to you. I am so sorry that she then said, "I said hi to to that old lady."

Dear Denny's customers (the one off of Baseline and the 15 fwy), I would like to apologize for the 4 1/2 year old having a loud, crying tantrum. She was with me. I would also like to apologize to the bus boy for the carrot bits falling out of her mouth (I'm sure you had to clean them up). Just be happy you weren't for the car ride home. It wasn't much fun. love, Julie xoxo

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