Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rueberry Pie

Here are some miscellaneous facts...

Lately, Rubie has been obsessed with Michael Jackson. She first learned who he was just after he died (and he was all over the TV). She kept asking, "Who's that lady?" Now, she makes us listen to him in the car, and she walks around the house singing, "Dirty Diana."

Rubie is back to NOT sleeping. It started just over a month ago, and (knock on wood), is starting to get a little better (meaning, she only gets up once or twice).

Rubie has decided that this hair style (which she calls Catie's hair) is now too big. Her hair is too big, and she doesn't like it. I am not allowed to do this to her hair again. We'll see.

She has narrowed down her Halloween choice to Batgirl, Wonder Woman, or Jesse (from Toy Story). I'm trying to guide her towards Wonder Woman because that is what I dressed up as at the age of 4. Gramma Pat made me the most AMAZING costume (because I wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman). She is leaning towards Batgirl because Nicholas at school always pretends to be Batman. We discuss this almost everyday (even though Halloween is 3 months away).

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Lakie said...

Who is Catie? Super cute pics as usual!