Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ice Skating in Downtown Riverside

Today we went ice skating near the Mission Inn in Riverside with some friends. It was Rubie's first time, and she had so much fun! I was surprised at how fearless she was.

The Karr family was there, though Victoria was so fast that all of my pictures of her came out blurry...

Justice loved it, too! (side note: Rubie said that she can't kiss me because she is saving all of her kisses for daddy and Justice. And, she wants to marry Justice).

We will definitely be going back every year - so fun!


Jenna said...

So much fun!!! Glad we went.

Mommy: Rubie said she's going to marry you.
Justice: Yes
Mommy: Is she your girlfriend?
Justice: Yes
Mommy: But what about Mara? I thought she was your girlfriend.
Justice: Yes
Mommy: You are a two-timer
Justice: What's that?
Mommy: A boy with two girlfriends.
Justic: (BIG SMILE) Yes

Karin said...

It was a blast! You and Rubie were very brave! I think you may have a new hobby! Thanks for inviting my family! Even the teenagers had fun!