Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bossy? Yep.

So, this week has been an interesting one. Rubie has started her new preschool. I asked one of her teachers how she is doing, and she hesitated (that's bad), and said, "Well.....she definitely has the dominant personality in the class." yikes - we all know that means - bossy. So, we have some things to work on. How exactly do I work on that? Any suggestions?

Rubie's preschool is at a church, and up until now, Rubie has had no idea what churches are or for - so when we drove up to her school the other day, she said, "yup, there's that big letter t again." She is so funny.

I told her to give me some attitude...

1 comment:

Lakie said...

Bossy, huh?? Wonder where she gets it..... mom!!!
Next you'll be blogging about her whining! Hmmm.... :)