Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Rubie wanted me to polish her fingernails today. Up until now, we have only polished her toes - but I agreed. So, we sat out front and polished her little fingernails with 60 second nail polish (to dry quickly)...

Another interesting tidbit of information - Rubie informed me that her birthday is on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and that we need to get her a cupcake.

(I'm not so sure about the quality of 60 second nailpolish - as it came off in chunks in the tub 2 hours later)


Jenilee said...

awww! i just recently painted Rory's nails for the first time and she held her hands so dainty because she didn't want them to smudge! It was sooo cute she was blowing on them and kept saying ooooooo prettttty

Hey she is a smart girl about the cupcakes hahaha

Anonymous said...

See with girls you can paint their fingers and toes, if I tried that with Henry, your brother-in-law will have a fit.


Christi said...

So cute! What a big girl!