Wednesday, April 2, 2008

potty issues

We haven't been pushing the potty issues at our house lately, but it's time to do something. I am tired of buying diapers. I am not above bribery. I got the idea from a friend to have wrapped presents for actually going number 1 or number 2, but to also have a little something to give out for just sitting on the potty. Lately, Rubie doesn't even want to sit on the potty - so we thought maybe this would help.

So, we have wrapped presents for using the potty...

...and Dora cards for just sitting on the potty. She gets one card everytime she sits on the potty.

Yesterday evening (when we introduced this concept), she sat on the potty twice. She didn't go, but at least she tried. Good, right?

But, I've also noticed something different. When Rubie said she wanted to sit on the potty, she didn't sit - she turned backwards and stood over her little potty. That's when I realized that maybe Ramon isn't the best "model" for the job. Either that or he needs to sit down to pee.

um....any potty advice you have is greatly appreciated.


Jennifer said...

That's an adorable potty chair. No advice. Potty training sucks!! I don't envy you (although now I have another one to have to potty train - ugh)

Anonymous said...

MMM remember that candy thing that you don't like to do M and M's just might do the trick!! SOOOOO cute. I love this blog!
- Holly

khogan said...

What a great idea about the presents and the cards. Your friend must be a true genius! I'm glad you're having some luck with it. Leilani wants the presents, but still won't use the potty. Why didn't anyone tell us this was going to be so difficult?! Waaaaah!