Tuesday, March 18, 2008

um...where to begin? Okay, I am creating this blog mostly for my friends and family. I am sure you are tired of getting mass amounts of pictures e mailed daily, so now if you want to see any pictures you can. If you are tired of hearing annoying Rubie stories......stay away. I am also in the process of beginning a new hobby - photography. This is where I will be posting some really bad pictures as I attempt to get better.


Anonymous said...

I am seriously never tired of hearing Rubie stories and seeing Rubie pictures!! Oh, and plan on getting them from me about my kids cuz I have no idea how to do a blog. - Jen

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and have saved it in my favorites. You will still need to let us know when there are new pictures posted :)

Anonymous said...

Julie great job on the site! Rubie looks really great in all the pics. You're gonna have to give me some pointers on the use of the camera.

Liz (From Mango)

Angela said...

Julie, you are a talented photographer. What a great site!